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World premiere « O bois mystérieux » Op 219 Kuckucks-Ruf, pour Choirs, piano, string quartet. Ars Nova commission performed in Villingen-Schweningem Germany 8 October 2016.

Johannes Kirche
Mozart Stasde 42
78054VS-Schweiningen Germany

World premiere Toccata do Indio Korubo for piano Op 176 by Hélèna Elias 18 november salle Cortot Paris

Reprise of O Bois Mystérieux – 26th November – 17h – Eglise Saint-Bénigne de Pontarlier (Ensemble Ars Nova)

World premiere Cht’i Jazz Op208 for Jazz department and Tourcoing’s Orchestra, Tourcoing’s commission.  Performed in Tourcoing’ Conservatory, 17 Décember 2016.


14th January 2017 – Ch’ti Jazz. Op 208, salle Malraux, Neuville-En-Ferrain

World Premier of Op 212, 213, 214, 216 – 9th March 2017 – Auditorium Tourcoing

World Premiere, Toccata Op 224 for piano – The Battle of Verdun, by Amaury Breyne. Memorial de Verdun, 17h, 25th February

World premiere, Vôtre Gustave Op 220, Theater music for piano. Vôtre Gustave, adaption   and performed by the actor Jean-Marc Chotteau, piano F.Choveaux. Théâtre la Virgule on 23 March 2017 (and performed 15 days following the premiere.) Thèâtre la Virgule in Tourcoing France.

Lectures on music – recitals and lectures
Music university of Munich Spring 2017

World premiere of Concerto for violin and piano Concerto solo with string quartet, Leonardo Da Vinci Op 218 by Stanislas’ ensemble. Performed salle Poirel de Nancy on 3 May 2017.France

World premiere Op 212 de pieces for 4 piano toys and piano 10 hands. .Performed in February-March 2017.  Tourcoing  Conservatory.France.

World premiere Op 213, 2 pedagogic pieces for piano solo. Performed February-March 2017 Tourcoing Conservatory France.

World premiere Op 214, Album for piano, Escampette à Noefville (pedagogic pieces for 4 hands ) Performed in  February-March 2017 Tourcoing Conservatory. France.

World premiere, Album for piano 4 hands Vive Tourcoing Op 216  pedagogic works, Performed in February-March 2017 Tourcoing Conservatory. France.

World premiere 10 Préludes Tableaux for piano Op 218 inspired by d’Eugène Leroy’paintings from the permanent collection of MUba Museum . Pedagogic pieces for Master level, performed at MUba Museum February-March

World premiere 4 Préludes piano Op 221 inspired by paintings from permanent collection at Tourcoing MUba Museum : Marc Ronnet, Dodeigne …Performed February-March 2017  at MUba Museum.

World premiere Op 223 La Sorcière Schgrongnongnon, songs accappella and piano, with Tourcoing Schools. Performed on June 15th and 16th 2017 in Le Fresnoy Tourcoing .The story of the witch ! 

Les Mille et une Pâtes Op 25, June 2017 – Auditorium Tourcoing

4 preludes for Piano, in Hommage to Chopin, op 162, by Sophia Agranovich. In the Chateau of Pennautier, 26th July 2017, Festival Les Cabardièses

World Premiere – War Sonata for piano, op 225, by Amaury Breyne. 28th of July, Ventenac, Festival of Pennautier.

Recital and lectures in NY, USA – 16th november 2017

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