Next concerts and compositions


[COMPOSITION] January – May
Composing  piano pieces and works for Jazz Orchestra for the inaugurating of the new  extending building for Roubaix painters group  in The Museum “ La Piscine in Roubaix” 70 minutes  of music France

3 Danzas argentinas for 2 pianos for the pianists Margarita Höenrieder and Kit Armstrong

[CONFERENCE] 19th February
Invited by Lille Music Conservatory for A conference on my music.

Prelude n°2 Cahier II La Fenêtre Bleue, after a painting of Matisse. Dedicated to Gaspard Dehaene. Gaspard Dehaene, piano. Palais des Archevêques, salle des Synodes. 20:45.

[CONCERT] 11th April
Reprise of the Op 68 Elegy for cello & piano, by Damien Ventula (Cello) & Gaspard Dehaene (Piano). Palais des Archevêques, salle des Synodes. 20:45.

St Exupéry. Quintet Op239 for piano and strings quartet. Cyril Guillottin (Piano), Solists of the Orchestra of Toulouse. Palais des Archevêques, salle des Synodes. 20:45.

[World premiere] 12th April
Composer in residence at Narbonne International Festival. Palais des Archevêques, salle des Synodes. 20:45.

World Premiere of piano preludes
n°2 Op 60 cahier Gris-Bleu
n° 11 Op 237 cahier II Le Jardin de Sculptures chez Eugène Dodeigne “ La Mère et l’Enfant”
n°12 Op 238 cahier II Le Jardin de sculptures chez Eugène Dodeigne “Lumières d’un soir d’Automne”
Dedicated to and created by Cyril Guillottin (piano). Palais des Archevêques, salle des Synodes 16:30

Artistic Director  for French Label Hortus Editions, recording for piano and harmonium.

World premiere of Octuor Op  230 « A history of the World » dedicated to and created by the Eugène Bozza wind octed
World premiere of the Op 229 String Symphony « The 4 elements » for the British Museum in Valenciennes 21:00.

Reprise on 2nd June – Musée des Beaux Arts – Valenciennes. 21:00
Reprise on 3rd June – Salle Mandela – Hordain. 18:00

[CONCERT] 17th June, 15h00
Harp quintett with string quartet,Op 72 at St Catherine’s Church.
Programmed by the season Chambre à Part performed by Lille Céline Haquette Harpe and Lille National Orchestra soloists

[CONCERT] 24 June, 15h00 – World First Premiere of Symphonie Blanche, Eglise Saint André, Lille, France
Performed by Lille National Orchestra Soloists

Artistic Director of International Festival “les Cabardièses” France


World premiere by Duo Aurore piano duet, Cataratas Iguazu , Les Cabardièses Piano International Festival Aragon Prieuré France

[WORLD PREMIERE] 13th & 15th November
World premiere in La piscine Museum in Roubaix for works for piano, Jazz Orchestra. France

[CONCERT] End of November
End of November I will be performing may piano Concert no 2 for piano and string orchestra in Kosovo, for French Culture Ministère.

[WORLD PREMIERE] 18th December
World premiere in Barcelona Fantaisie for Flute and string orchestra , flute Anton Serra Spain

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