Music & Movie – Theater – Dance

For many years, I have taken pleasure in collaborating to movies, radios, theater and dance compagnies.
If your movie, radio station, theater or dance company were interested, I could write a special piece for your movie or show, or you could use my music. Please contact me for authorization before using my music in a new creation.

There are some few examples of collaborations I have done:

Christmas Tale
This tale was recorded by the famous french actor, Michel Bouquet. And it was created in Lille Metropole by a theater company.

Odile Duboc Company – Choregraphy National Center
I have written a theme for piano. And every hour, the company was dancing and I improvise on this theme.

Documentary for the Museum Louvre Lens
I have worked with the producer of this documentary. And we chose together some of my works for the two movies of this documentary.

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