Music in Museums

I have worked with museums for several years. If you are interested in working with me, I can:
• Write a special piece for an exhibition
• Write pieces dedicated to one painter
• Go back in the museum and play the pieces or explain with the recordings the relations between paintings or music.
• Create special concerts including my music and paintings.

Courbet Museum (Ornans, France)
chene580 In 2013, I worked during a few months the Courbet Museum. This museum is in Ornans (Doubs, France) and dedicated to the famous painter Gustave Courbet, who was born here and lived there many years.
I have written two orchestral works : one inspired by Le Chêne du Flagey, one inspired by L’Origine du Monde.
I have also written an album for piano, inspired by the places near Ornans where Courbet has painted.

Laac, Musée d’art contemporain, Dunkerque (France)
In 2010, this museum organized a special exhibition with Jacques Doucet’s paintings. I chose one of them and wrote a piece for piano solo, called The irresistible Cobra. I played this piece for the first time in the museum when the exhibition was inaugurated.

In 2001, for the same museum, I wrote Miniatures lyriques  for piano solo, inspired by an exhibitions about famous painters in 1950′s (Hans Hartung, Alfred Mennessier…). These Miniatures was inspired by the graphism of each painting.

Arthur Van Hecke
When I came back in France after my studies in Juilliard School in New York, I lived in north of France, just near Arthur Van Hecke’s home. Self-taught painter, he was discovered by Jean Masurel, famous industrialist and collector of the North at the origin of the museum of contemporary art of Lille (LAM). From then on, Jean Masurel exposed his paintings beside Picasso, Léger… I discussed many time with him about colors, art and music.
These conversations have inspired me for many works especially two works :

• Symphony Indigo for Strings Orchestra op. 2

• Strings Quartet n°1 Souvenirs de Flandres op. 5

Piano recitals

-Recital at Leum Museum (build by Jean Nouvel) Seoul Korea.

-Reykjavik National Museum Island ,recital forexhibition on André Masson retrospective, invited by the famous Parisian Gallerist Michel Leiris

-Palais des Beaux-Arts Lille “les peintres de la Monnaie”

-Piano Trytique for two pianos on Léo de Faucher paintings Na Loba theater Pennautier

-Exhibition of Arthur Van Hecke portraits Roubaix

-Collaboration soirée Cocteau Gallery Mischkind Lille

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