Strings Quartet

The wealth of sounds and colours for strings is an ongoing discovery. As a composer, I think that string quartets offers as unlimited possibilities as a palette for a painter. It is one of the writing forms I prefer.
I have already written four strings quartet and Quintets for piano (3), harp, flute, guitar, soprano, a concerto for Strings Quartet and orchestra and some music chamber works like sextet.

In my musical route, I like to work directly with strings quartet. I have worked with many strings quartets : Vilnius Strings Quartet, Quartet Danel, Quartet Stanislas, Rimski-Korsakov Quartet, Debussy Quartet, Stanislas Quartet.  I send them music and, if they want me to write a piece dedicated to them, I do it with pleasure. For me, music is sharing.

Here are some works recorded in studio or in live, attached with some of my scores, downloadable for free. If you want more details about my works, don’t hesitate in sending me an e-mail.

Strings Quartet n°1 Memories from Flanders op. 5
This quartet reflects the colors that lead my scores for strings. This score is at the same time made of a great serenity and a great despair. I wrote it by coming back from the United States where I had just ended my studies in Juilliard School of New York.


Strings Quartet n°2 Reflets opaques opus 17
It is still the lights of Flanders that spin in my spirit, the rhythm of winds, colors of the Septentrion, nostalgia, the moving skies, the wheatfields tormented by the rain.

Strings Quartet n°3 Brazilian Quartet  op. 101 
After coming back from the festival in the State of São-Paulo, in the wonderful island of Baia de Santos, I have written this score with a joyful frenzy. As part of my family lived in Brazil, I had the opportunity to go to samba schools. I had also lived in favelas and attended a macumba.
In this score, I wanted to describe the Brazilian soul, the saudade, which is a crowd of feelings: enjoyment, naivety, despair, fatalism, generosity. I also became soaked with popular songs and with Brazilian rhythms.
In the first movement, I look at the bottom of eyes at Santos’s bay, a magical and grand place.
Entitled Amor, the 2nd movement puts in music this Brazilian love, at the same time filled with happiness but also tragic which gives rhythm to the life of favelas.
The 3rd movement is dedicated to my brother Antoine who lived in these favelas: he made me discover this country from the inside. In favelas, I was protected: I was the sister of the Frenchman.
In the 4th movement, cross polyrhythmic cells: the enjoyment and the carefreeness get involved in the stream of the memories. The movement ends as an agreement in the guitar.


Strings Quartet n°4 called new-yorkais  op. 102
After a tour in the USA, I wrote this American quartet. When I was writing it, a lot of memories came back from my last three years in the United States. It is a theme and variations with agreements of jazz mixed in my colors. He ends by a wink to both French hymns and American which I mixed.

Download scores for free
Francoise Choveaux op. 102 String Quartet n°4 New Yorkais Violin 1
Francoise Choveaux op. 102 String Quartet n°4 New Yorkais conductor


Quartet for strings and harp op. 72
I was reading poems from Ronsard when I suddenly imagined a quartet with harp.
1er mouvement : « Mignonne, allons voir sir la rose… ». Melted and enigmatic colors.
2e mouvement : « En essuyant mes yeux par la mort endormis… ». This Sicilian is very serene. It is an atmosphere from Middle Ages with specific colors.
3e mouvement : « Chanson du Printemps ». It is a light song in homage to the « Amour courtois.

Download scores for free
Francoise Choveaux op. 72 String Quartet and Harp

Quintet n°2 for strings quartet and piano op. 108
This Quintet is at the confluence of my fiery piano writing for strings in which I create colorful tableaux with considerable sound density. It expresses the strenght of the Lithuanian people and the torments they lived through during the long Soviet occupation.


St-Petersburg ‘s Quintet for strings quartet and piano op. 170
This quintet is a journey at the heart of the city of St-Petersburg where I stayed on many occasions during concerts. I wanted to translate the atmospheres of this city, especially the atmosphere of the palaces where I played. And I introduced popular melodies of St-Petersburg.

Download for free the scores of this Quintet :
Francoise Choveaux op 108 Quintet for piano and strings quartet n°2 conductor
Francoise Choveaux op 108 Quintet for piano and strings quartet n°2 part violin 1
Francoise Choveaux op 108 Quintet for piano and strings quartet n°2 part violin2
Francoise Choveaux op 108 Quintet for piano and strings quartet n°2 part viola
Francoise Choveaux op 108 Quintet for piano and strings quartet n°2 cello


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