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I have written many works for piano. Here are some works recorded in studio or in live, attached with some of my scores, downloadable for free. If you want more details about my works, don’t hesitate in sending me an e-mail.

3 concerti for piano
Winter Concerto for piano op 126
The Four movements are musical paintings of travel stories in countries of snow where I lived or travelled. The 1st movement is a journey through wood since Saint-Petersburg in Novgorod; then we arrive to Novgorod, a city which amazed me by the number of Orthodox Churches. The 2nd movement is slow and peaceful in Franche-Comté. The spotless snow wraps the nature: I observe animals and I commune with the nature.
In the 3rd movement, I imagine myself aboard a troïka between Saint-Petersburg and Moscow in the XVIIIth. A joyful last great journey. In the 4th movement, the austerity of intense cold by extreme temperatures and the deserts of snow.

3 Sonatas 

Winter Sonata, American Sonata, Sonata n°3 Na Loba  (Commission from Communauté d’Agglomération de Carcassonne)

Winter Sonata op. 119
The first work I have written was a piece for piano. After that, I waited ten years before writing again for piano. As a pianist, I had acquired automatisms what bothered me to create. Today, I have gotten loose from all the piano literature I knew. This sonata inaugurates a series of sonatas about the seasons. During six years, I lived in Franche-Comté in a farm of the XVIIIth, in the mountains. A wild and often magic place especially in winter. This said winter sonata is certainly nostalgic but also these five movements are so many atmospheres: the snow-covered veil (1st), the snowstorm (2nd), the beauty of the sun reflections on the coat snow only staked out by less tracks of  wild animals (3rd),  happiness of the carefreeness (4th),  end of the winter (5th) ».

Sonata Na Loba op. 175
This Sonata is a homage to fin’amor. It is about the legend of the she-wolf La Loba. Some sounds reminded from the Middle Age.

8 Nocturnes


1st book of 12 Preludes, 2nd book (4 Preludes yet writed),  Four Preludes in homage to Chopin (Commission from Nohant Festival Chopin).

Prelude n°9 for piano

Download this score for free: Francoise Choveaux op 180 Prelude n°9 for piano

Download for free the score of Prelude n°7 ‘s: Francoise Choveaux op 174 prelude n°7 for piano


3 Concert Studies in homage to Chopin, 3 transcendent studies in homage to Liszt, Studie n°1 for left hand , 3 studies in homage to Rachmaninov (Commission Ste-Ursanne Festival, Switzerland ), Study for octaves in homage to Chopin (Commission of Notes d’Automne Festival, France), 3 Concert Studies in homage to Chopin (Commission of Nancyphonies)

Three Studies In Hommage To Chopin op. 61

I wrote three studies, one after the other, in the same movement. A big cry of love for  piano and a total freedom of writing. The N°1 is a study for agreement. Many soft and violent colors at the same time. The harmonious passages alternate with passionate passages. The N°2 is a study of suppleness. Excessively difficult. All the piano difficulties are concentrated in this study; it begins very slightly and ends as a volcano in a multitude of explosions. The N°3 is a study of arpeggios. It is doubtless the most piano and the most passionate with broken, very fluid and transparent arpeggios which burst out in a restless stream. The rumbling increases and stops only with the last note.


Three transcendent  Studies in Homage to Liszt op.62
I wrote these pieces when I came back from Lithuania. The first one describes a magnificent town with moving skies. The 2nd Kaunas reflects my impressions during my visit in this city which terribly suffered invasions. The 3rd is in accordance with the temperament of fire of this fabulous pianist and composer Liszt.

Download this score for free: Francoise Choveaux op 62 studies for in hommage to liszt

Three Studies For Octaves, Homage to Chopin op.163

3 studies in homage to Rachmaninov
Download these scores for free :
Francoise Choveaux op 151 Studie n°1 in Homage to Rachmaninov
Francoise Choveaux op 151 Studie n°2 in Homage to Rachmaninov
Francoise Choveaux op 151 Studie n°3 in Homage to Rachmaninov

Musics for shows, exhibitions or movies
- Les Francs-Comtoises for a radio serie (commission of Radio-France)
- Obsessions (commission of National Choregraphic Center – Odile Duboc Company)
- “Les Insectes” Album for piano about painter’w works Matthieu Schmitt                                                                                                                – Miniatures lyriques for piano (commission of LLAC Dunkerque Museum)
- Intermèdes musicaux for a movie about Louvre Museum in Lens
- Le Cobra Irréductible about Jacques Doucet’s painters (commission of LAAC Dunkerque Museum)
-  Prélude (commission of  choregraphe Sarah Nouveau)
- Album for piano La Ferme de Flagey(commission of Musée Courbet).

Several works
- Lendemain de Carnaval. Homage to Villa-Lobos.
- Little Suite for piano
- 3 novelettes in homage to Schumann
- 3 romances in homage to Schumann.
- 4 themes and variations
- 3 Bossa novazinhas for piano
- 1 Toccata for piano

Suite languedocienne for piano op. 63
This theme and variations are inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Cathar country. Villages hang on the heights and the vestiges of castles dominate vineyards. The castle of Aragon is a harbor of tranquillity. In the bend of a street, three women in apron crochet. Friendly people and enthusiasts of this country.

Download for free this score : Francoise Choveaux op 63 Suite languedocienne for piano 

Little Suite for piano op. 46
The Prelude of this Little Suite evokes the fog that floats above fields and dissipates slowly during winter days, to arrive at this sad and very melancholic Waltz. As for full of life Toccatina, it reflects an exteriorized energy and evokes the violent winds of the North.

Download this score for freeFrancoise Choveaux op 46 suite for piano
• Pedagogic works for young musicians

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