I have written several pieces for harp:
• 5 preludes for harp
• one concerto for harp and percussions
• one trio for flute, clarinet and harp
• one Quintet for strings and harp, especially for the Festival Musiques en Artois (France).
If you want more details about my works, do not hesitate in sending me an e-mail.
I would like to write new pieces, especially a concerto for harp. If you are interested, please contact me.

Quintet for strings and harp
I was reading poems from Ronsard and I suddenly imagined a quartet with harp.
1er mouvement : « Mignonne, allons voir sir la rose… ». Melted and enigmatic colors.
2e mouvement : « En essuyant mes yeux par la mort endormis… ». This Sicilian is very serene. It is an atmosphere from Middle Ages with specific colors.
3e mouvement : « Chanson du Printemps ». It is a light song in homage to the « Amour courtois ».

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Francoise Choveaux op. 72 String Quartet and Harp

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