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Composer Françoise Choveaux I have written 190 opus : orchestral works, solo pieces, music chamber… I like to write for all instruments. Each of my partitions is inspired, either by journeys, emotions, or connected directly with a literary or pictorial work. Recently, I have been in Residence for Musée Coubert in Ornans (France). I have written some pieces inspired by this famous painter  : two orchestral works, an album for piano.

In my musical route, I like to work directly with orchestras and musicians. I send them music and, if they want me to write a piece dedicated, I do it with pleasure. For me, music is sharing.

In 2002, I began an important cycle dedicated to orchestras. First of all, by pursuing my series of three symphonies for strings today known and interpreted by several orchestras (Saint-Petersburg, Symphony Marseille, Baden-Baden…). Then, by writing a series of concerti. My concerto n°2 for violin  have been played during a series of concerts in the main cities of Lithuania (September 2002) by the Lithuanian National Philharmonic Orchestra.

My chamber music has always played an important role with works written for soloists (Jean Ferrandis, Pavel Berman, Emile Naoumoff, José Martin, Caroline Sageman, Jacques Mauger, Michel Mikalakakos, Isabelle Moretti…) and also established formations: my strings quartets were created and interpreted by the quartet of Vilnius, the Russian quartet Rimski-Korsakov, the quartet Debussy, the quartet Ravel, the quartet Danel and the Quartet Stanislas.

From March, 1999 till March, 2001, I was invited by the association Pour que l’esprit vive in the Abbey of Prée Pour que l’esprit vive à l’Abbaye de la Prée (Académie musicale des Beaux-Arts) as pianist and composer for a residence of creation …


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