Bologna strage del 02/08/1980 - Francoise Choveaux -Françoise Choveaux takes up with a musical tradition anchored in the 19th Century. She is a composer but also a pianist. As of today, she has already written more than 170 opus for all instruments and all formations, from solos to symphony orchestras. And her works are played in Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Baltic States), in Asia and in America.
Numerous live recordings and in studio were made of her music, among which the integral works of her quartets recorded by the famous Vilnius Strings Quartet.  » The richness of sounds and colors for strings is a discovery of every moment. For a composer, I think that the string quartet offers infinite possibilities, similar to the use a painter can make of its palette. It is one of the forms of writing that I prefer. « , she explains in the notebook of the CD.
Each of her partitions is inspired, either by journeys, emotions, or connected directly with a literary or visual work. «  Her musical universe is strong and colored  » wrote Marc Vignal, musicologist and critic) in Le monde de la Musique.
From March, 1999 till March, 2001, she was invited by the association Pour que l’esprit vive in the Abbey of Prée Pour que l’esprit vive à l’Abbaye de la Prée (Académie musicale des Beaux-Arts) as pianist and composer for a creation residence …
In her musical route, chamber music has always played an important role with works written for soloists (Jean Ferrandis, Pavel Berman, Emile Naoumoff, José Martin, Caroline Sageman, Jacques Mauger, Michel Mikalakakos, Isabelle Moretti, Gérard Poulet) and also established formations. Her quartets were created and interpreted by the quartet of Vilnius, the Russian quartet Rimski-Korsakov, the quartet Debussy, the quartet Ravel, the quartet Danel and the Quartet Stanislas.

In 2002, she began an important cycle dedicated to orchestras. First of all, by pursuing her series of three symphonies for strings today known and interpreted by several orchestras (Saint-Petersburg, Symphony Marseille, Baden-Baden…). Then, by writing a series of concerti of which her concerto n°2 for violin n°1 with the virtuoso Vilhelmas Cepinskis during a series of concerts in the main cities of Lithuania (September 2002).

Francoise Choveaux was trained in the Academy of Lille, in Ecole Normale de Musique of Paris, in the Institute Peabody of Baltimore then in Juilliard School of New York. She performed in prestigious festivals in France, in Europe, in Asia, in the United States and in Brazil.

Catalogue Françoise Choveaux

2009 • August / Sonate américaine op. 158  (order from Cabardièses de Pennautier) played by F. Choveaux

• August /Trois Etudes en hommage à Rachmaninov  played by Giugla Katsarava
(order from Festival Piano à Ste-Ursanne, Suisse).

• 9 August / Concerto pour orchestre et piano quatre mains played by the Festival Orchestra and Duo Lama
(order from Festival St-Peres de Rhodes, Espagne).

• July / Concertino grosso for orchestre à cordes
(order from the Youth Orchestra Saint-Pétersbourg, Russie).

2010  Mars / Concerto pour orchestre played for the first time by the Sofia Soloist Ensemble.

(order from the Toledo festival in Spain).

• 31 July: 4 préludes au festival de Chopin à Nohant

• Juin / Cinq Mélodies pour baryton, piano et Quartet à cordes

(order from the Lago di Guarda Festival, Italy).

• August / Trio pour violon, violoncelle et piano for the Leipzig Philharmonic Trio

(order from Pianissimes du Doubs).

• October / Pièces pour piano sur des peintures de Jacques Doucet par F. Choveaux

(order from LAAC, Musée d’Art moderne de Dunkerque).

• 13-20 October / Quintette n°3 pour Quartet et cordes et piano by the Rimsky-Korsakov Quartet and F. Choveaux (order from Festival des Liaisons Musicales de Marcq-en-Barœul et tournée régionale).

• 20 November / Etude en hommage à Chopin by Caroline Sageman

(order from Festival Notes d’Autumn du Perreux – dir. artistique : Pascal Amoyel).


2011  • 22 January 2011 : Fantaisie pour contrebasse et violon et Poème pour contrebasse et piano

First played by the Katz Duo (Sudwestdeutsche Philharmonic of Konstanz Season – Germany)

• Summer 2011 : Mille et une pâtes pour récitant et septuor (order from Festival de Rouffach)

• July 2011 : Symphonie pourpre orchestre à cordes
(order of the Youth Orchestra of St Petersburg, Russia)

• August 2011 : Sonate Na Loba  (order from Cabardièses de Pennautier) by Wilhem Latchoumia


Project Debussy preludes, with the pianist Hugues Leclerc (start on the 4th of February 2012)

Creation of a prelude for piano no 8 Op 168.

July 2012 : Orchestral variations around a tale from Pouchkine, for strings orchestra. Op 178 (order from the Youth Orchestra of St-Petersburg, Russia)

Spring 2012 : original score for the documentary around the opening of the Museum Le Louvre Lens (broadcasted on France Televisions)

Original score for the show of the choregrapher and dancer Sarah Nouveau (March 2012)

Brazilian creation of the Trois Etudes transcendantes in homage to Liszt, by Artur Cimirro (tour in the biggest cities of Brazil)

Creation of the Elegy for solo cello and strings orchestra. Op 190. 4th of July 2012, in the City Hall of Bergues


Composer residency in Flagey, ( Family’s house of the painter Gustave Courbet) in collaboration with Gustave Courbet Museum in Ornans France. Composing l’Album de Flagey for piano, and two orchestral works:

L’origine du monde and le chêne de Flagey, all these works have been world premiere in Flagey and Ornans during the exhibition in Ornans en 2014.

Composer in residency at Sacatar Fundation in Brazil Itaparica Island in Salvador de Bahia State. ( supported by American Fundation)

Writing 17 pieces for piano inspired by Brazilian culture of Itaparica and Salvador de Bahia.

Writing an orchestral work for the’Orchestra NEOJIBA de Bahia : BRANCOPRETO Op194 world premiere in Juily 2015 at Alvarez Theater in Salvador de  Bahia


World premiere in la Ferme de Flagey (Ornans) ofl’Album pour piano Op 191 inspired by Gustave Courbet paintings permanent collection in Courbet MuseumW  le 19 Juillet 2014. ( F.Choveaux piano)

World premiere Prélude no 11, 1er cahier Op 182 Barque sur un nuage, performed at Royal College of Music of London par Simon Carrey.England.

World premiere Miroirs for  piano Op 195 en hommage to Philip Glass, performed 11 April 2014 by Nicolas Horvath au Musée du Palais de Tokyo Paris.France.

Writing la suite pour 2 pianos and percussions , to be performed in 2017 Loon Plage.

Writing the commission from LAAC Museum (Modern art Museum in Dunkerque )  Hommage to Gilbert Delaine for piano Op 200

Recording CD VISIONS SONORES at Vilnius Philarmonic Lituania of all the pieces commissioned by this Museum residences, LAAC & Ville de Dunkerque.France&Lituania

Récital and presentation of the CD at LAAC Museum on 17 June 2014 (F .Choveaux piano)

World premiere in Ornans, l’Origine du monde Op 192 for string Orchestra,by Youth St Petersbourg Orchestra,  15 July 2014 Ornans.

World premiere by Kiryl Keduk and Sofia Gulyak piano 4 hands : la valse Op 135 in Pennauter International piano Festival  24 July.France.

World premiere by Kiryl Keduk  double thème et variations Op 188 Orixas at International Piano Festival 27 July 2014 France.


2015-2017 Composer in Residency Tourcoing France.

Collaboration with the Music Conservatory, MUba (Beaux-Arts Museum) and the Theater La Virgule.


World premiere of the Fantasy for Harp Op 202  Claire Galo Place’s commission,  5 June 2015 at l’Hôtel de Guise d’Arras France with Claire Galo Place.

World premiere of the melody for soprano and piano on a poetry by the Russian poet Katerina Kunina  ,  Pontarlier Théâtre du Lavoir    19 september 2015. Soprano Evgenia Kravchenko, piano F.Choveaux.

Symphonic poem for strings orchestra inspired on garden of sculptures of LAAC Mueum of Modern Art in Dunkerque, friends’ LAAC Museum Commission.  World premiere St Petersbourg Youth Orchestra in Pitgam France 15 July 2015

Writing a double concerto for trumpet and piano and string Orchestra dedicated to Guy Touvron et Kiryl Keduk

World premiere 2017 Abbaye de Cluny. Commission from the Festival les Grandes Heures de Cluny, France.


World premiere of Vier Intermezzi Op 210 for piano by Margarita Höenrieder, on 27 July 2016  Pennautier International piano Festival, France.

World premiere of  Cordoba, Lullaby for piano Op 216 by Wilhem Latchoumia  on 31 July 2016 , Pennautier International Piano Festival, France.

World premiere « O bois mystérieux » Op 219 Kuckucks-Ruf, pour Choirs, piano, string quartet. Ars Nova commission performed in Villingen-Schweningem Germany 8 October 2016.

Johannes Kirche
Mozart Stasde 42
78054VS-Schweiningen Germany 

World premiere Toccata do Indio Korubo for piano Op 176 by Hélèna Elias 18 november salle Cortot Paris

Reprise of O Bois Mystérieux – 26th November – 17h – Eglise Saint-Bénigne de Pontarlier (Ensemble Ars Nova)

World premiere Cht’i Jazz Op208 for Jazz department and Tourcoing’s Orchestra, Tourcoing’s commission.  Performed in Tourcoing’ Conservatory, 17 Décember 2016.


14th January 2017 – Ch’ti Jazz. Op 208, salle Malraux, Neuville-En-Ferrain

World premiere, Hurricane Op 199 for marimba solo and three percussionists. Marimba’s soloist Ludwig Albert and biNgband’s ensemble from CroatiaPerformed in Croatia 19 January 2017 in Bjelovar and Zagreb. Commission from the  International Festival of Percussions of Croatia.
Opening concert in Zagreb – 22 january 2017

World Premier of Op 212, 213, 214, 216 – 9th March 2017 – Auditorium Tourcoing

World premiere Op 198 Marimba Concerto with string Orchestra, soloist Ludwig Albert, performed on 18 March 2017 in Novosibirsk Philarmonia Russia. Commission from Ludwig Albert.

World premiere, Vôtre Gustave Op 220, Theater music for piano. Vôtre Gustave, adaption   and performed by the actor Jean-Marc Chotteau, piano F.Choveaux. Théâtre la Virgule on 23 March 2017 (and performed 15 days following the premiere.) Thèâtre la Virgule in Tourcoing France.

Lectures on music – recitals and lectures
Music university of Munich Spring 2017

World premiere of Concerto for violin and piano Concerto solo with string quartet, Leonardo Da Vinci Op 218 by Stanislas’ ensemble. Performed salle Poirel de Nancy on 3 May 2017.France

World premiere Op 212 de pieces for 4 piano toys and piano 10 hands. .Performed in February-March 2017.  Tourcoing  Conservatory.France.

World premiere Op 213, 2 pedagogic pieces for piano solo. Performed February-March 2017 Tourcoing Conservatory France.

World premiere Op 214, Album for piano, Escampette à Noefville (pedagogic pieces for 4 hands ) Performed in  February-March 2017 Tourcoing Conservatory. France.

World premiere, Album for piano 4 hands Vive Tourcoing Op 216  pedagogic works, Performed in February-March 2017 Tourcoing Conservatory. France.

World premiere 10 Préludes Tableaux for piano Op 218 inspired by d’Eugène Leroy’paintings from the permanent collection of MUba Museum . Pedagogic pieces for Master level, performed at MUba Museum February-March

World premiere 4 Préludes piano Op 221 inspired by paintings from permanent collection at Tourcoing MUba Museum : Marc Ronnet, Dodeigne …Performed February-March 2017  at MUba Museum.

World premiere Op 223 La Sorcière Schgrongnongnon, songs accappella and piano, with Tourcoing Schools. Performed in June 2017 in Le Fresnoy Tourcoing .The story of the witch !

Les Mille et une Pâtes Op 25, June 2017 – Auditorium Tourcoing

Recital and lectures in NY, USA – 16 november 2017

[COMPOSITION] January – May
Composing  piano pieces and works for Jazz Orchestra for the inaugurating of the new  extending building for Roubaix painters group  in The Museum “ La Piscine in Roubaix” 70 minutes  of music France

3 Danzas argentinas for 2 pianos for the pianists Margarita Höenrieder and Kit Armstrong

[CONFERENCE] 19th February
Invited by Lille Music Conservatory for A conference on my music.

Prelude n°2 Cahier II La Fenêtre Bleue, after a painting of Matisse. Dedicated to Gaspard Dehaene. Gaspard Dehaene, piano. Palais des Archevêques, salle des Synodes. 20:45.

[CONCERT] 11th April
Reprise of the Op 68 Elegy for cello & piano, by Damien Ventula (Cello) & Gaspard Dehaene (Piano). Palais des Archevêques, salle des Synodes. 20:45.

St Exupéry. Quintet Op239 for piano and strings quartet. Cyril Guillottin (Piano), Solists of the Orchestra of Toulouse. Palais des Archevêques, salle des Synodes. 20:45.

[World premiere] 12th April
Composer in residence at Narbonne International Festival. Palais des Archevêques, salle des Synodes. 20:45.

[COMPOSITION] 12th April

Festival ma vigne en Musique
Gaspard Dehaene, creation of a prelude for piano
Damien Ventula, cello and Gaspard Dehaene, piano – sonata for cello and piano – op 133

World Premiere of piano preludes
n°2 Op 60 cahier Gris-Bleu
n° 11 Op 237 cahier II Le Jardin de Sculptures chez Eugène Dodeigne “ La Mère et l’Enfant”
n°12 Op 238 cahier II Le Jardin de sculptures chez Eugène Dodeigne “Lumières d’un soir d’Automne”
Dedicated to and created by Cyril Guillottin (piano). Palais des Archevêques, salle des Synodes 16:30

Artistic Director  for French Label Hortus Editions, recording for piano and harmonium.

May – Laureate of the international composition competition « Herald Genzmer » in Munich


World premiere of Octuor Op  230 « A history of the World » dedicated to and created by the Eugène Bozza wind octed
World premiere of the Op 229 String Symphony « The 4 elements » for the British Museum in Valenciennes 21:00.

Reprise on 2nd June – Musée des Beaux Arts – Valenciennes. 21:00
Reprise on 3rd June – Salle Mandela – Hordain. 18:00

[CONCERT] 17th June, 15h00
Harp quintett with string quartet,Op 72 at St Catherine’s Church.
Programmed by the season Chambre à Part performed by Lille Céline Haquette Harpe and Lille National Orchestra soloists

[CONCERT] 24 June, 15h00 – World First Premiere of Symphonie Blanche, Eglise Saint André, Lille, France
Performed by Lille National Orchestra Soloists

Artistic Director of International Festival “les Cabardièses” France


World premiere by Duo Aurore piano duet, Cataratas Iguazu , Les Cabardièses Piano International Festival Aragon Prieuré France

August 29th & 30th – Recording of a CD with pieces composed by Francoise Choveaux, ordered by the Musée la Piscine in Roubaix.

7-8-9th September – Artistic direction for the recording of a CD – violin & piano – Rostropovitch Chapel in Beauvais – Hortus Editions

23th September – Serie « Chambre à part » in Lille – Harp quintet, op 72


Chamber music

Her works are played in France, Belgium, England, Germany, Italie, Russia, Baltic countries, Brazil, USA by prestigious soloists :

-        Pianists : Caroline Sageman, Emile Naoumoff, Yuri Serov, Frédéric Neuburger, Vladimir Mogilevski…

-        Strings quartet : Vilnius String Quartet, Ravel Quartet, Debussy Quartet, Danel Quartet, Rimsky-Korsakov Quartet…

-        Violonists : Pavel Berman, Vilhelmas Cepinskis, Gérard Poulet…

-        Harpist : Isabelle Moretti

-        Trombonist :  Jacques Mauger


Orchestral music

• On the 6th of July 2002, her Symphony Blanche opus 100 was created at Notre-Dame-de-Paris and was played.

• This work is part of a series of works for orchestras including the Indigo Symphony which has been played by many  orchestras :

-        Sao Paulo Symphonic Orchestra

-        Volgograd Philharmonic Orchestra

-        St-Petersburg Chamber Music Orchestra.

• In September 2002 in Vilnius, her Second concerto for violin and symphonic orchestra was created by the Lithuanian National Philharmonic (conductor : Maestro Domarkas) and Vilhelmas Cepinskis.

• In August 2003, her fantasy for clarinet  and symphonic orchestra was performed in Bologna (2 August Festival) : soloist Guido Arbonelli.

• Her first concerto for piano and strings orchestra was performed for the first time in France by London Primavera Orchestra and herself as soloist in  May and June 2003.

After that, it was played in Russia, in Belgium, in England and in Italy… In December 2004, it was played in Marseille by Françoise Choveaux and the Symphonic Orchestra of Baden Baden.

• For five years, the Young Strings Orchestra of St-Petersburg has commissionned her each year to write works for strings orchestra.

Françoise Choveaux, pianist

As pianist, she stood out as an privileged interpreter of French music: the international and specialized press approved by a large majority her recordings (10 Repertoire, 5 Diapasons) of the complete works for Darius Milhaud’s piano in world premiere.

She also plays chamber music with famous string quartets as Vilnius strings Quartet, the Debussy Quartet, the Ravel Quartet, the Amadeus Quartet, the Rimsky-Korsakov Quartet …

Besides, she regularly collaborates with museums for creations or recitals: National Museum of Reykjavik (retrospective André Masson), Beaux Arts Museum of Roubaix (portraits A. Van Hecke), Modern Art museum of Lille, modern art museum of Dunkerque (exhibition about painters from the 1950’s such as H. Hartung) …

Main festivals where Francoise Choveaux has played:

Germany : Promenades Musicales d’Oldenburg, Auditorium du Philharmonique de Baden Baden, Salle de Musique de Dresde…

England : Kent Musical Festival, Ramsgate Spring Festival…

Belgium: International Festival of Antwerpen, Concerts of the Brussels City Hall, Festival Rode Pomp in Ghent, International Festival of Flandres music

Brazil: Festival of Sao Paulo

Spain: Palace of Music in Valencia, Piano festival in San Pere de Rhodes, Piano Series in Madrid, Festival of Malaga, Music festival of Girona, auditorium of the regional conservatory of Linares…

USA : Carnegie Hall, Auditorium of  Juilliard School, Lincoln Center (New York), Musical Bridges in San Antonio, Auditorium of Portland, Piano Series in Boston, Pianos Series in San Francisco and Los Angeles, Philadelphia University, UCLA…

France : International festival of Radio-France in Montpellier, Nancyphonies, Musicalta in Alsace, International festival in Lille, Piano nights of Aix-en-Provence, International festival of the Touquet, Floraisons Musicales of Châteauneuf du Pape, International encounters of La Prée, Theatre of Montbéliard.

Island : International music festival of Reikjavik…

Italy : International festival of  Spoleto, International Festival in Savona, Pordedone piano festival, Theater of Messin, Emilia Romagna festival, Auditorium of the museum of Napoli

Lithuania : Vilnius Philarmonic and main lithuanian auditoriums during a tour

Portugal : Coïmbra international festival, Grand theatre of Madeira

Romania : Music palace in Bucharest

Russia : Music palace in St-Petersburg, Gnessin conservatory in Moscow, Karely and Siberia festival

Tours in Asia : Music palace in Kyoto  (Japan), Leum Auditorium, Seoul Arts Center  (South Korea)…


Press releases

L’Est Républicain. Jean-Pierre Govignaux « Francoise Choveaux’s emotion is an intense fire… It is an offered cascade of emotions, a fire voluntarily devouring »

Diapason  « A way of playing entirely dominated by a taste for the beauty of piano » 

Los Angeles Times « It benefited from F. Choveaux probing playing, revaling hitherto undemonstrated expressive and the rare ability to communicate pathos »

Diapason. Jean-Yves Bras « A precise way of playing, colored and that adapts itself to every page » 

René Koering, director of Radio France Montpellier Festival I will always be one of the proudest defenders of Francoise Choveaux’s talent »

La Voix du Nord A passionate fire to translate a universe of emotions”.

La Marseillaise. Gabriel Vialle « Music magnificently served by the interpreter« .

Compact. Jean Gallois « Everything is superbly interpreted, said with delicacy, poetry and fluidity in emotions » 



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