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Françoise Choveaux takes up with a musical tradition anchored since the 19th Century. She is a composer but also a pianist. As of today, she has already written more than 170 opus for all instruments and all formations, from solos to symphony orchestras. And her works are played in Europe (France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Baltic States), in Asia and in America.

Numerous live recordings and in studio were realized, among which the integral works of her quartets recorded by the famous Vilnius Strings Quartet.  » The wealth of sounds and colors for strings is a discovery of every moment. For a composer, I think that the string quartet offers possibilities to the infinity similar to the use a painter can make of its palette. It is one of the forms of writing that I prefer. « , she explains in the notebook of the CD.

Each of her partitions is inspired, either by journeys, or by internal feelings, or connected directly with a literary or pictorial work.  » Her musical universe is strong and colored  » wrote Marc Vignal, musicologist and critic) in Le monde de la Musique.

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